1. What's difference between evaluation version and full version ?
A: The evaluation version of SuperCool PIM can be only used 30 times free of charge and only 30 records can be added.

2. How do I share my information with LAN users?
A: In the user login window, you can set the user data location to a network folder, then you can login the same way you would login as a local user. Several people can login as the same user at the same time. For example:
a) In 'ComputerA', in SuperCool PIM login window, set the SuperCool PIM database folder location as 'C:\My documents\wpdata', then create a new user and login.
b) In 'ComputerA' Winodws Explorer, share 'c:\my documents\wpdata' folder as Full Access.
c) In 'ComputerB', set the Database location as '\\ComputerA\c\my documents\wpfolder' and choose a user to login.

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