SuperCool Photo Album - Create, organize, browse, and edit image and video albums. All the data may be organized hierarchically in categories, favorites and calendar, and can be searched easily. The data are stored in an encrypted database and can be backuped and restored easily.

1. Support multiple users. Every user has his own album and password protection.

2. Provide public account of which album can be shared by all other users.

3. Ability to organize pictures and videos into multi-level category with unlimited number of categories.

4. Support import & export, the pictures and videos stored in disk can be imported to album, the pictures and video stored in album can be exported to disk easily.

5. Support not only many popular picture formats such as jpeg, gif, png, bmp, etc. , but also other multimedia format files such as mp3, avi, mpg, etc... Embed in Microsoft Media player, multimedia files can be played directly on album.

6. Support EXIF, the embedded information such as date and time, resolution, exposure setting, white balance setting, ISO rating can be displayed.

7. The description, note and author name can be added to each multimedia file.

8. Easily browse picture, such as full screen, zoom in, zoom out, fit to screen, and provides slide show function.

9. Creates thumbnails for picture files. Multiple thumbnails can be browsed at a time.

10. Provide adjust picture function. Picture can be resized, flipped, cropped, and rotated easily. The contrast, brightness, saturation and midtones of picture can be also changed.

11. Provide picture print wizard, including ability to print multi-picture layouts.

12. Can search and browse all multimedia format files supported on all drivers including removable media and add them to your album.

13. Supports backup and restore function. All the data are stored in database. Hundreds of pictures and videos you collected over the year will not get lost.

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