Feature: A powerful personal information manager. Every user has his own contact info, diary, note & plan and password protection. It's also possible to share your information with other users. All contact info can be previewed and printed in different styles.

1. Supports multi-user. Every user has his own contact info, diary, note & plan and password protection. You can also create several database files for different needs and store them in different locations.

2. Gives you an easy and low cost network solution for sharing your information simultaneously with everyone in your work group in local network! No Server Needed!

3. Built-in powerful and WYSIWYG editor. It can use the wide variety of tools such as text, graphics, OLE object and rich text to edit diary and note & plan.

4. Manages customer's information such as name, address, phone, email, etc with database, and photo can also be included into contact info. You can easily add, edit, delete the contact info.

5. Provide a powerful searching function.

6. Supports filtering contacts by name in alphabetical order and category option

7. Supports user-defined categories

8. Provides preview and printing contact info in many styles, such as List, Envelope, Details, etc.

9. vCard files are electronic business cards, supported by many address book products. The contact manager complete support for vCard files.

10. Imports address book records from text file and export address book to text file.

11. Supports mass emails and mail merge function. It can send emails with customer's appellation to every person selected.

12. Supports backup and restore database function, Hundreds of addresses, e-mails or phone numbers you collected over the year will not get lost.

13. Support Microsoft Windows 98/Me, Windows 2000/XP , Windows Vista or Windows 7.
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