Feature: Manage your customer's information with this database, It can create and print reports such as envelopes, labels, notes, documents and business cards for the person you select from your address book, and send emails to them. It can also design and print reports even for another database.

1. Manage customer information such as: name, address, phone, email, etc with database. You can easily add, edit, delete, and copy the records. With a built in search engine, the records can be easily selected in accordance with search conditions.

2. Stores reports and emails information in database. You can easily add, edit, delete and copy it, you can also use it as a template to design a new report or email in mailing list software.

3. Built-in powerful and WYSIWYG designer, It can use the wide variety of tools such as text, graphics, shape, barcode (supports 13 types barcodes, including PostNet), shadow, line, OLE object, chart and rich text to design reports.

4. Supports mail merge function, the database fields can be embedded in reports such as envelopes, labels, notes and documents. When printed or previewed, the mailing list software automatically displays actual content.

5. Support preview function. The report to be printed can be displayed in the preview window similar to MS Word preview.

6. Full control over the printing process; supports all paper sizes.

7. Supports multiple print layout, such as a serial page for all the records, page break for every records, multi-column in single page.

8. Customize report for other database such as dBASE, Paradox, Access, ASCII txt, Excel, MS SQL Server. All the available database fields are displayed, you can design reports by Drag and Drop method. The report can also be previewed or printed.

9. Supports mass email. It can send emails with customer's appellation to every person selected.

10. Imports address book records from dBASE, ASCII txt, Access, Excel, Paradox database, MS SQL Server.

11. Export address book records to dBASE, ASCII txt, Excel database.

12. Supports backup and restore database, and the hundreds of addresses, e-mails or phone numbers you have collected over the years.

13. Support Microsoft Windows 98/Me, Windows 2000/XP , Windows Vista or Windows 7.
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