SuperCool PIM
A powerful personal information manager. Every user has his own contacts, diary, note & plan and password protection. It's possible to share your information to other users. All contacts can be previewed and printed in different styles.

SuperCool Calendar
Printable calendar with alarm and reminders. Scheduling tool with calendar, alarm and reminders. Ever felt that you have problems managing your time? With SuperCool Calendar on your Windows desktop this will never be a problem again. No more missed meetings or birthdays, no more unnecessary stress because of bad planning. Get more freedom and feel relaxed by simply knowing when to do things.

SuperCool Bookmark
Internet bookmark manager, Organizer and Web form filler. A powerful bookmark organizer and web form filler that can collect, organize, browse and search bookmarks or email address, and fill in web forms.

SuperCool ZIP Backup
Data backup software, File compare and Synchronization utility. A file backup, restore and file synchronization program. You can use any drive in system to store the backup files in standard ZIP format that can be online transferred to a remote machine by FTP or Email. It can also compare and synchronize files or folders.

SuperCool Multiple ZIP
A utility to work with multi zip files. Its primary function is to extract files from multiple zip and create multi-zip.

SuperCool Photo Album
Create, organize, browse, and edit image and video albums. All the data may be organized hierarchically in categories, favorites and calendar, and can be searched easily.

SuperCool Office Assistant
Address book software, Business card designer, Envelope printing and Mail merge. Manage your customer information with a database. It can create and print reports such as envelopes, labels, notes, documents and business cards for the person you select from your address book, and send emails to them. It can also design and print reports; even from another database.

SuperCool Window Washer
Internet washer, Internet eraser, Disk cleaner and Window cleaner. Protects your privacy by erasing all the traces of your Internet and computer activities. This software can clean up your browser's cache, history, cookies, typed URLs, visited URLs, auto completed forms, auto completed passwords, run history, search history, recent documents, evidences of past Windows activity, and more.

SuperCool random number generator
A random sampling, random number generator and random selection software utility. Generate a single set of random numbers from a range. Create random passwords, phone numbers, IDs. Create random alpha-numeric or all numeric text strings. Generate random bytes file in any interval you want. Create random names using data from the US Census. Random sampling from list items

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