Feature: Scheduling tool with calendar, alarm and reminders. Ever felt that you have problems managing your time? With SuperCool Calendar on your Windows deskop this will never be a problem again. No more missed meetings or birthdays, no more unnecessary stress because of bad planning. Get more freedom and feel more relaxed by simply knowing when to do things. Don't let time control you - you control time.

1. Alarm: Define any number of hard-to-remember events and the desktop calendar will alarm you when the time arrives. All kinds of things can be scheduled like: birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, dates, TV programs, etc. One-time and recurring events may be arranged with ease, and the rescheduling frequency can be defined by days, weeks, months or years. Events can be also repeated on a particular day of the week in a given month or in every month.

2. Limitless layers: You can have limitless layers with different colors that represent a calendar with independent settings. In this way you can have different layers for different types of events and you can control the layers you want visible at any one moment.

3. Powerful search: The events can easily be found in many ways, such as period defined, whether archived or not, text included in subject, content or note, and more.

4. Preview and Print: Preview and print the calendar grid; the font size and the scale of paper can be set.

5. Backup and Restore: You can backup all the events and settings to a zip file, and restore it when your PC crashes. You can also share the calendar with friends and others.

6. Tray icon: The daily planner puts, if you want, an icon in the system tray. This is good if you want the program to always be running, which is necessary if you are using alarms.

7. Support Microsoft Windows 98/Me, Windows 2000/XP , Windows Vista or Windows 7.
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