1. Why is a time icon shown before some project names?
A: If you customize the schedule for a project, a time icon will be shown before the project name and backups will be launched according to fixed time schedule.

2. When I select files to backup or select files to exclude,why is the message box,'This is an unregistered version,only 2 items can be added' , displayed?
A: After registration,you can select as many files to backup or exclude as you want.

3. Can I perform backup of different files or folders at a time?
A: Yes. You can backup as many files or folders as you need.

4. Can I online backup files on a remote machine which cannot be accessed by LAN?
A: You can do this in case you have access to FTP server on the remote machine where you backed up your data.

5. Does the program backup to external hard disks connected via USB and zip drives?
A: Yes, the program supports backup to USB and zip drives and works with them in the same way as with local drives.

6. How does SuperCool Zip Backup know which files are newer and which files are older?
A: Timestamp is used to determine which file of the couple is newer and which one older.

7. Will SuperCool Zip Backup over any connection between two computers?
A: Yes, as long as you can see the source and target folders using Windows Explorer and you can can manually copy/move/delete files between the two machines, SuperCool Zip Backup will have no problem in synchronizing the two folders. The type of connection is not important.

8. Both PCs in my home and office are installed SuperCool Zip Backup,whether shall I buy two licenses?
A: Yes. One license is only for one computer.

9. How can I set it up so that it backup only files that have changes since the last backup rather than backuping all the specified folders each time?
A: If Next use the last backup date-time is checked, the SuperCool ZIP Backup update the Date and Time values after creating a backup. By the function,you can perform incremental backup. The Incremental method backup any files that have changed or been created since the most recent full or Incremental backup.

10. I have a directory named DATA. All my customers databases are under it. Each of this "databasefolder" contains a file named usagelog.myi. This file needs to be excluded from the backup. (just setting a wildcard like "usagelog.*") Problem is that when I adds a exclude directory I gets the path in front. Again to accomplish my task I have to specify an exclude condition for every customer... Then again, every time I sign up a new customer I must remember to make a exclude condition (In my kind of life this is very error prone... would properly forget it).
A: You needn't do such work. You have better choice. Select Include Subdirectories option in Select File to Backup page. all matched files under the directory and subdirectories will be excluded,although a path is displayed before wildcard "usagelog.*" . This Include Subdirectories option affects Select Files by Wildcard in both Select File to Backup page and Select File to Exclude page .

11.All my customers homedirectory has a subdir in which they can upload files for use on their websites...I would need to be able to make a wildcard like "d:\inetpub\wwwroot\*\archive\*.*"...
A: You can do it. Click Select files by wildcard button to open the window,select d:\inetpub\wwwroot\ directory and input *\archive\*.* in Wildcard edit box,all files in d:\inetpub\wwwroot\1\archive\, d:\inetpub\wwwroot\2\archive\... will be affectted.

12. If I purchase one single license, does that permit me to backup files from one computer to two other computers, or do I have to purchase three licenses?
A: If you purchase one single license, you can install registered SuperCool ZIP Backup software in only one PC that permit you to backup files from the PC to other PCs. If you want to install the registered software to another PC, you have to purchase another license.

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